OutSystems yesterday released Agile Platform 6.0, which allows for mobile application development, a PaaS solution, and application models.

Mike Jones, vice president of worldwide marketing and an agile evangelist at OutSystems, said the agile platform allows developers to create Web applications utilizing a Scrum-based methodology.

.NET and Java applications can be created utilizing the database modeling tools, as well as a model-based language that is above Java and .NET, Jones said.

New things to version 6.0 include apps@OutSystems, a Go Mobile Initiative, a PaaS solution, and a redesigned user interface for enterprise development.

apps@OutSystems is an integrated suite of “change-ready applications” that helps “customers learn how to build applications and allows customers to start with an application, instead of a blank screen, and change it really quickly,” Jones said.

The Go Mobile Initiative allows development companies to quickly create mobile versions of their Web applications for the Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile 7. IntelliWarp and TrueChange technologies are behind the mobile solution.

IntelliWarp is used to take application objects and generate application elements, according to Jones. An example of this is in taking an Excel spreadsheet, dropping it into the agile platform and then engaging the IntelliWarp technology to generate the logic, screen design and flows needed to create a Web application from the data. The Agile Platform supports HTML5 doctype and constructs, and CSS3 for theming.

TrueChange, Jones explained, is a change engine that automates impact analysis and, if possible, can attempt to fix any bugs it finds. If not, it will automate the fix process and alert developers to where the application has been impacted by a change, he said.

The Agile Platform includes a pay-as-you-go platform-as-a-service to give organizations a way to reduce infrastructure-management costs.