The rise of the online agile enterprise means creating a holistic view of software development and IT operations coming together, according to David Hurwitz, vice president of marketing at Serena Software. To give companies a social business environment in which to collaborate or purchase, and to have business tools available on-demand around the clock, Serena today is demonstrating its updated Orchestrated IT products to enable continuous delivery of software.

“Businesses need to stay agile, so they can roll out and support new features and applications,” Hurwitz explained, as Serena continues to expand beyond its ALM roots into the broader development/IT management space.

One of the key aspects of an agile enterprise is the ability to continuously deliver software. Serena has updated its Release Manager product to support development-driven release management, Hurwitz said. “[Release Manager] had been great for ops-driven release management, with their more structured release trains. But there’s a great need for developer self-service in continuous delivery, where developers can quality-test, load-test and then get ops into the loop.”

The release now gives users the ability to schedule and track deployments to Amazon Web Services, according to the company’s announcement of the updates at its Global User Conference, which kicked off today.

To address the mobility issue, Serena has created a new Mobile Request Center, which Hurwitz said acts as a mobile service catalog that takes request fulfillment mobile. “End users in the business can see and access everything that’s available to them from IT,” he explained. “And, in IT, the people responsible for fulfillment can review and act on items on the go.” The Request Center can run on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad.

With that, Serena is introducing a Mobile Dashboard, available in Apple’s App Store for use on the iPad, Hurwitz said. IT executives can now use their tablets to view metrics and analytics from both Serena and non-Serena systems, he noted.

Finally, from the social enterprise perspective, Serena has added a new Orchestrated IT Feed to its Service Manager software, enabling events and alerts to flow from development systems and operations systems to the managers who require that information to make decisions. It allows users to find an expert on a subject and work with him or her; to “follow” items, people or issues; and to get updates via other social tools such as Twitter and Yammer, or through e-mail, according to the company. “This is the right kind of mechanism to allow people to tailor what they want to see, or kick off a discussion about a package, for instance,” Hurwitz said.

This new IT feed also works in Serena Business Manager, the company’s process management platform that underlies Orchestrated IT.

The products are expected to be available later this year, with pricing for Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions starting at US$12,500 for 250 users, the company announced.