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Application release automation lets people, processes and tools move in harmony

Software teams are not unlike a symphony orchestra. Every skilled musician is an expert with his or her instrument, but they need to work in sync and harmony with the entire group of players. How is it possible that 200 or more individuals know to start together, stay in tempo, remain in tune with each … continue reading

Serena updates change-management tools

Serena Orchestrated IT version 4.5 adds requirements and ticketing-management systems … continue reading

Serena updates Orchestrated IT tools

As businesses need to be more agile, social and mobile, Serena reworks its IT management software to meet those needs … continue reading

Serena updates IT metrics dashboard

Update works with both mainframe and distributed systems, and on the iPad … continue reading

Serena brings new tools to DevOps

Demand and requirements managers help organizations get developers, operations working together … continue reading

Serena shares vision of “Orchestrated ALM”

The development tool provider offers Release Management suite to go with requirements and development packages … continue reading Protection Status