Application life-cycle management solution provider Serena Software announced an updated version of its Serena IT Dashboard at the SHARE Technology Expo in Anaheim. Now updated to provide IT metrics across both distributed and mainframe systems, the new version of Serena IT Dashboard is also accessible for the first time on a mobile platform.

Traditionally, there have been dashboards just for mainframe systems or just for distributed systems. The updated Serena IT Dashboard now provides IT metrics across both mainframe and distributed systems, according to the company. “We’re now providing not only application metrics but also what we call CIO metrics. So that’s information such as service-level agreement compliance, performance, issues by severity, and things like that,” said Miguel Tam, senior product marketing manager at Serena Software. “We’re one of the few vendors that provide visibility into what we call ‘apps and ops.’ ”

Serena IT Dashboard, originally released in 2011, is also being released for the first time on a mobile platform. “The first mobile device we’re releasing it on is the iPad,” Tam said. “We’re doing it on a tablet first primarily because these types of metrics and analytics are better seen on a bigger surface area than a small phone.”

Serena IT Dashboard provides application development and IT organizations insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of their software change release management on both their mainframe and distributed systems. It lets them see information such as how much change has occurred by system, by application, and by user. It also lets them see where they are with their SLAs, if they are within their SLA compliance. It allows then to see how many defects have been reported against an application, and where they are within the life-cycle process on fixing those defects, the company detailed in its announcement of the release.

“You can take a very bird’s-eye view of your entire development and release environment, and then you’re able to drill down into a bug’s-eye view very quickly,” said Mark Levy, product manager at Serena. “We deliver out-of-the-box dashboard solutions—what we call metrics or dashboard views—across all disciplines: project management, requirements, quality, developer, release, mainframe, etc. We deliver 90+ dashboards out of the box, so the time-to-value is pretty much immediate as opposed to customers having to build their own.”