AgilePoint, a leading developer of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced it will launch AgilePoint Genesis, the newest version of the company’s acclaimed brand of BPM software, in November. AgilePoint Genesis provides organizations with a powerful BPM platform, which enables them to conceive large plans without the burden of upfront costs or complications. This ‘Think Big, Scale Fast’ approach gives BPM developers and consultants the tools to create and verify cost-free solutions for clients in a variety of industries.

AgilePoint Genesis offers a number of essential and convenient benefits, such as:
• Widespread adoption of workflows and productivity.
• Eliminate process challenges and the need to retrain workers and reconfigure new brands of technology.
• Consistency of quality among other high-end AgilePoint products
• Flexibility to upgrade to additional capabilities with 100% compatibility

“AgilePoint Genesis is a testament to our success and credibility among some of the world’s top technology companies and developers. This breakthrough application leverages several platforms for improved business processes with security, simplicity and ease-of use. These advantages allow organizations to directly configure workflow assignments with endless opportunities,” says Jesse Shiah, Founder and CEO of AgilePoint.