Intelligent data platform for AI provider DefinedCrowd is stating the new year off with the 1.0 version of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. The platform allows data scientists to collect, enrich, and structure data for artificial intelligence (AI), and is now publicly available.

“Artificial Intelligence needs data to be properly trained. A lot of data. Currently, it is estimated that 80 [percent] of the data generated globally is unstructured. This environment makes access to high-quality structured data expensive and difficult to obtain quickly. As a result, data scientists have been scrubbing their own data, which is a tedious and time-consuming process,” founder and CEO Daniela Braga wrote in a blog post.

 The new platform can be accessed through the company’s online platform as well as its public API that was released in November. The API enables data scientists to integrate DefinedCrowd into their own machine learning infrastructures. According to the company, the new SaaS platform specializes in speech technologies, natural language processing, computer vision, image recognition and other machine learning capabilities.

“This is a huge milestone for DefinedCrowd,” said Braga. “It is the culmination of two years working on this solution, and we are really proud to release to the world our SaaS platform, with features designed to make data scientists’ lives easier.”

The solution allows users to select their data source, customize their projects, analyze in real time, and use high-quality training data to train and model AI systems.

“With our solution, it has never been easier to access high-quality data to train your AI systems, faster than ever. Whether you want to train a smart personal assistant, a savvy chatbot, or an accurate self-driving car, we have a solution for you,” Braga wrote.

In addition, the company recently released their own skilled community Neevo, designed to give users a place to contribute to the development and improvement of AI systems. “We live in a time where technology is evolving really fast and its presence in our daily lives is rapidly growing. The interest in AI is growing and many people want to be part of it. This is where Neevo comes into the picture,” explained DefinedCrowd’s chief business development officer Aya Zook. “With Neevo, everyone has a chance to be part of the next wave of innovation by contributing to a better AI.”