Dropbox and NVIDIA teamed up to enhance knowledge work and boost productivity for Dropbox users through AI, according to the companies. 

Dropbox has integrated AI and machine learning into its core product to enhance customer efficiency. NVIDIA provides flexible tools for Dropbox to introduce new AI capabilities, bringing more intelligence to content and workflows. 

This collaboration aims to expand Dropbox’s AI features by incorporating personalized generative AI to improve search accuracy, streamline organization, and simplify workflows in the cloud content for millions of users. 

Dropbox plans to utilize NVIDIA’s AI technology, including AI Foundation Models, AI Enterprise software, and accelerated computing, to enhance its AI-powered products such as Dropbox Dash (a universal search tool) and Dropbox AI (enabling users to ask questions and obtain summaries on large files).

Leveraging NVIDIA AI Foundation Models and the NeMo framework, Dropbox can customize large language models (LLMs) for personalized and relevant information while maintaining security, privacy, and transparency. 

“Recent advancements in generative AI are opening up a world of possibilities to improve knowledge work and address many of the pain points we all experience around organization, prioritization, and focus,” said Drew Houston, co-founder and CEO of Dropbox. “AI has the potential to offload routine tasks, unlock our creativity, and help us do more meaningful work. We’re excited to partner with NVIDIA and leverage their technology in new ways to deliver more personalized, AI-powered experiences to our customers.”

Additionally, Dropbox can improve inference performance using NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, including Triton Inference Server and TensorRT-LLM, for production AI applications.

Additional details are available here.