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NIST GenAI program launches to study how to distinguish AI-generated and human-generated content

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has announced a new pilot evaluation program, NIST GenAI, to help assess whether content — text, image, video, or audio — was generated by a human or AI. One of the goals of the study is to use the results to assist people in making these determinations … continue reading

Atlassian Rovo makes it easier to understand, take action on enterprise data across different SaaS tools

Atlassian is helping to make enterprise data easier to find and act on with the launch of Atlassian Rovo, a new generative AI assistant powered by Atlassian Intelligence.  According to Atlassian, the basis of Atlassian Rovo is the teamwork graph, which is a data model the company created based on the understanding it has gained … continue reading

AWS’ generative AI assistant Amazon Q now generally available

AWS has just announced that Amazon Q is now generally available. Amazon Q is a generative AI assistant designed for business use and it comes in two flavors: Amazon Q Developer and Amazon Q Business. The developer version can assist with tasks such as code generation, testing, debugging, while the business version can be used … continue reading

New legislation would require companies to disclose that they are training AI models on copyrighted work

Last week, California Representative Adam Schiff introduced new legislation that would require companies to be more upfront and transparent with consumers when they train generative AI models using copyrighted work. The Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act would make it so that companies need to submit a notice to the Register of Copyrights before they release … continue reading

Creatio Copilot brings generative AI to no-code workflow automation

The no-code workflow automation platform Creatio has announced the release of Creatio Copilot, a new feature of the platform that allows customers to incorporate generative AI into their Creatio applications and workflows. It is available across the whole Creatio platform.  “With Copilot, we have united everything AI in one place,” said Andie Dovgan, chief growth … continue reading

Data integration and alignment will dictate generative AI’s impact on digital transformation

Generative AI has taken the enterprise world by storm throughout 2023 – and for good reason. From a digital transformation perspective, it has the potential to amplify efficiency to new heights at a time when it’s needed most. Most enterprise digital transformation efforts today fail. A recent Gartner report found that nearly 70% of CFOs … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Quivr

Quivr utilizes the power of generative AI to function as a personal assistant. The developers behind the project compared it to the note-taking app Obsidian, but turbocharged with AI capabilities. Quivr is designed to prioritize speed and efficiency, ensuring users can quickly and easily access their data. It is built to be secure, giving users … continue reading announced that it has raised $17.8M in an oversubscribed Series A funding round, the zero trust data protection pioneer converging data security, privacy, and AI governance, announced that it had raised $17.8M in an oversubscribed Series A funding round.  “In the era of Generative AI breakthroughs, organizations are empowered to unlock valuable insights from customer data. However, this advancement poses the crucial challenge of ensuring secure and … continue reading

O’Reilly finds 3,600% increase in interest in generative AI in last year

It’s no surprise that people have grown more interested in AI over the last year. The technology insights company O’Reilly has just published its annual trends report, in which it revealed just how much more interest people have these days. According to the findings, interest in GPT and generative AI has grown 3,600% year over … continue reading

Microsoft Learn launches generative AI course for entrepreneurs

Microsoft revealed the addition of a new series, “Generative AI for Innovators,” to the AI Kick-off Projects collection, which is a collection of projects that use AI that students can learn from.  This series is designed for aspiring AI entrepreneurs, providing them with guidance on utilizing the capabilities of AI, including tools like GPT-4 and … continue reading

MongoDB releases two new products for building and scaling generative AI applications

The database company MongoDB has announced new capabilities to enable companies to better leverage generative AI.  MongoDB Atlas Vector Search is now generally available, which allows customers to build generative AI into their applications based on their own data. This enables the AI to provide accurate, relevant responses for a specific organization or domain.  Customers … continue reading

A guide to low-code vendors that incorporate generative AI capabilities

The following is a listing of low-code vendors that incorporate generative AI capabilities, along with a brief description of their offerings. FEATURED PROVIDER Parasoft helps organizations continuously deliver high-quality software with its AI-powered software testing platform and automated test solutions. Supporting embedded and enterprise markets, Parasoft’s proven technologies reduce the time, effort, and cost of … continue reading Protection Status