Computer vision company Landing AI has announced a new SDK to help those working with AI. The repository is freely available on GitHub now. 

The SDK covers a wide range of use cases, such as object detection and Visual Prompting, which is a new feature from the company that brings the framework of text prompting (like how you interact with ChatGPT) to computer vision. 

It also is modular and easily adaptable so that developers can integrate it into their applications with little development effort. 

According to Landing AI, they will be continuously updating the SDK repository with improvements and new use cases, and are encouraging community contributions and collaboration. 

The company also released a collection of code samples for building computer vision into applications. These can be modified to suit developers’ specific application needs. 

“Landing AI is dedicated to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology, and that means providing developers, data scientists and other creators with the tools they need to take their computer vision projects to new heights,” says Andrew Ng, CEO of Landing AI. “With the release of our SDK and code sample repository, we aim to help users streamline the computer vision development process.”