Ozlo, an integrated knowledge platform, wants to bring more conversation to virtual assistants and artificial intelligence. The company announced its conversational AI platform is now available. The new platform is designed to go beyond hard facts and bring probabilistic understanding of opinions, assertions, beliefs and judgements to solutions.

“Today’s assistants are not street smart, so to speak,” said Charles Jolley, cofounder and CEO of Ozlo. “They fail us so often because they’re limited to reasoning about facts alone. Our customers use Ozlo to recapture lost intent and build loyalty. Why delegate your most lucrative queries to a list of 10 blue links? Own your current domains. Open up new ones. Give your assistant more to talk about.”

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According to the company, representing knowledge accurately is one of the biggest problems in computer science and artificial intelligence today, and a majority of conversations with systems fall off because they are severely limited.

“We’ve got five of the world’s five most powerful Internet companies making a huge bet on AI right now,” the company said in a statement. “Users should be able to get higher-quality results from all kinds of intelligent systems. We should be able to ask our assistants anything at all. Instead, we hold back. We’ve been promising the Holy Grail of intelligent systems for decades. Only now does it feel like we’re on the brink of fulfilling that promise.”

Ozlo provides a suite of APIs that can be used to build better assistant technology for users. The APIs allow systems to extract meaning from data through search and similarity; recognize and fulfill user intent by understanding and interpreting information; and anticipate a user’s needs.  

“Representing real-world knowledge accurately is one of the hardest problems in computer science today,” said Mike Hanson, cofounder and CTO of Ozlo. “With our definitive knowledge index, you can think of our index as the standard basic training index for all of AI. Any virtual assistant anywhere can be instantly enhanced by ‘plugging in’ our index.”