Amazon has released Alexa Gadgets Toolkit, a new tool that enables developers to build accessories that pair to Echo devices via Bluetooth to extend Alexa’s capabilities. The number of available interfaces will expand, but currently developers can leverage wake word detection, speech, notifications, timers, alarms, and reminders.

According to Amazon, the first products that utilize the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit will be available later this year to consumers.

“With the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit, you can build on what customers already love about Alexa, whether it’s responding with requested information from across the room, setting reminders, or playing music. Now, you can extend these same capabilities to gadget devices, and manifest customer interactions with Alexa in a variety of physical forms,” Caroline Pan, product manager of Alexa Gadgets at Amazon, wrote in a post.

Electron 3.0.0 now available
The Electron framework is now in version 3.0.0. It offers several new features, API changes, and bug fixes. New changes include major bumps to important parts of Electron’s tool chain, such as Chrome v66.0.3359.181. Changes to the API include updates to menu item order control and the removal of documented deprecated APIs.

“The Electron team continues to work on defining our processes for more rapid and smooth upgrades as we seek to ultimately maintain parity with the development cadences of Chromium, Node, and V8,” the Electron team wrote in a post.

GitHub launches Experiments to showcase research projects
GitHub has released Experiments, which is a space that the company will use to showcase some of their exciting research projects. It will also serve as a place for the company to show the research that it is thinking about when envisioning the future of software development.

According to GitHub, the first demonstration of Experiments is Semantic Code Search, which uses machine learning to build semantic representations of code, allowing users to search for code using natural language.

Couchbase brings NoETL for NoSQL in latest release
Couchbase has announced the latest version of the Couchbase Data Platform with Couchbase Server 6.0. According to Couchbase, this release offers new analytics services to enable organizations to obtain real-time insights from their data.

New features include NoETL for NoSQL, fast ingest, ad-hoc querying, workload isolation, and SQL for JSON.

Source{d} launches new code analysis solutions
Machine learning startup source{d} has announced the public beta of source{d} Engine and the public alpha of source{d} Lookout.

Source{d} Engine simplified code analysis by combining code retrieval, language agnostic parsing, and git history tools with API parsing.

Source{d} Lookout is a code review solution that allows users to run custom code analyzers on GitHub pull requests.