Akana, a leading provider of API Management, API security and Microservices solutions, today announced the availability of version 8 of its industry-leading API Management solution. Version 8 introduces a host of new functions aimed at offering customers the richest API Management capabilities in ways that are easier than ever for API and App Developers to use. Most prominently, Version 8 offers users a completely intuitive user experience, an industry first, along with next generation API Management capabilities.

“As enterprises seek ways to accelerate their transformation into digital businesses, they are increasingly turning to APIs as a way to make those all-important connections between people, data, and devices,” said Roberto Medrano, EVP of Akana. “With that mind, we have developed a breakthrough interface that facilitates the monetization of their business services, and moving data over internet protocols to integrate applications, databases, and processes regardless of where they are running.”

The Akana Platform provides an end-to-end API Management solution for designing, implementing, securing, managing, monitoring, and publishing APIs. It is available as a SaaS platform, on-premises, and as a hybrid deployment.

This new version of the Akana Platform includes the following:

  • A single new UI/UX covering all major capabilities – provides a much simplified and automated user experience, saving time and effort to help our customers and their business partners deliver sophisticated production API more quickly.
  • Global deployment – the only solution that allows customers to provide a global presence for the APIs and Developer Portals, while complying with regional and country specific data privacy regulations and requirements.
  • New graphical API designer capabilities – allow customers to quickly and easily design and build API definitions with an easy to understand visualization tool.
  • Multi DL import/generation/export – allow users to import APIs using any API descriptor language, and more importantly, to export any API descriptor regardless of how they defined the API. This allows API and App developers to select the descriptor language they are most comfortable with.
  • Fully integrated process Orchestration
    • Users can now edit processes enabling easy development and integration with back end processes.
    • Processes now include support for split/join and parallel processing which provides exceptional performance, especially when building APIs from a set of microservices and integrating with multiple back end systems.
  • Self-service tenant provisioning and monitoring to better understand usage and billing options by a single group or as a shared service
  • Enhanced API Documentation publication
    • Built-in test client with an improved UX for developers to test their APIs
    • Ability to quickly edit documentation in the Akana designer helping API admins quickly publish documentation and ensure consistency between documentation and the API interface

“This is a next generation API Management solution,” said Alistair Farquharson, Akana CTO. “Working with global enterprises, we have seen first hand what it really takes to mobilize their data, productize their services, and to go to market quickly with APIs. It is crucial that an API Management solutions allow for easily designing, implementing, securing, managing and publishing APIs. We’re answering this need with exceptional performance and scale, meeting the most stringent security, privacy, and reliability standards for customers in any country or region.”

Akana Platform comprehensive core capabilities:

  • API Design – The Akana Platform provides a comprehensive API design platform. You can use a graphical tool to design your API from scratch or you can import the API descriptor language of your choice. Once design is complete, the platform automatically generates all the common API descriptor documents.
  • API Security – secure APIs, protecting sensitive data while allowing access to authorized Apps and users, click here for more information on our security solution.
  • Traffic Management – protect against abuse and control the flow of traffic through APIs with a rich set of routing and Quality of Service capabilities
  • Mediation & Integration – easier, lower cost development with seamless mediation capabilities, allowing you to create modern, well-structured APIs from legacy assets with ease. It provides declarative mediation out of the box and includes a comprehensive orchestration capability where needed to create APIs from multiple backend sources.
  • Developer Portal – low-cost, strong API marketing with a turnkey developer portal providing a social platform for API developers to design and document their APIs, and App developers to find and consume APIs. The Akana Platform is ideally suited to connect with different audiences
  • API Analytics – understand the impact of your program with a powerful analytics engine. Built using a massively scalable, globally distributed noSQL store that is architected to meet international data privacy standards, click here for more information on our analytics capabilities.

Recently Akana was recognized as most promising banking technology solution provider and the Cloud Platform Innovation winner. For more information on the Akana Platform and to get a free trial go here http://bit.ly/1sIsUHE.

Pricing and Availability
Starting at less than $50k per year, the Akana Platform can grow to meet the needs of even the world’s largest and most demanding companies. Version 8 of the platform is available now.