Google’s horizontally scalable, strongly consistent relational database service, Cloud Spanner, is now production ready. The company first introduced the solution in February of this year. Cloud Spanner is designed for mission-critical OLTP applications and enterprise databases.

“Cloud Spanner also offers additional accuracy, reliability and performance in the form of a fully-managed cloud database service. Thanks to this unique combination of qualities, Cloud Spanner is already delivering long-term value for our customers with mission-critical applications in the cloud, including customer authentication systems, business-transaction and inventory-management systems, and high-volume media systems that require low latency and high throughput,” Dominic Preuss, product manager at Google, wrote in a post.

According to Google, Spanner provides all the benefits of a traditional relational database service, but provides the ability to scale to hundreds or thousands of servers.

Android Things Developer Preview 4 announced
Google’s Internet of Things platform, Android Things, is getting new improvements, hardware support, features and bug fixes. The company announced the Android Things Developer Preview 4, which features support for the Google Assistant SDK on Android Things certified development boards, a new board support package for the NXP i.MX7D, support for Inter-IC Sound Bus, and production hardware samples.

“The goal of Android Things is to enable Android Developers to quickly build smart devices, and seamlessly scale from prototype to production using a Board Support Package (BSP) provided by Google,” Wayne Piekarski, developer advocate for IoT at Google, wrote in a post.

Amazon ‘Notifications for Alexa’ coming soon
Customers will soon be able to enable notifications for select skills and shopping updates on most of their devices with Alexa. Amazon is also announced development tools that enable skills notifications through Alexa Voice Service and Alexa Skills Kit are coming soon.  Device makers and skill builders can sign up to be notified when the tools are made available.

Amazon Voice Service will also announce a developer preview soon. The preview will make sure AVS-enabled device makers get a “head start” on updating their products so it supports notifications from Alexa Skills, according to an Amazon developer blog.

More information can be found here.

Sencha announces ExtReact

Sencha announced the release of ExtReact with new React components to help developers add powerful UI components to their applications. With ExtReact, developers can choose from more than 115 UI components that are fully supported and designed to work together in applications.

ExtReact also provides features like keyboard navigation and focus management, a flexible layout system, data management for users to easily handle remote data across all types of devices, and more. This release also comes with Sencha Themer, which lets developers and designers create themes without writing a single line of code.

More information can be found here.