Codenvy today made available its next-generation developer workspaces for organizations that apply agile methodologies to software development.

“Codenvy is the first enterprise offering based on Eclipse Che that empowers anyone, anywhere to contribute to any project without having to install software,” said Tyler Jewell, Codenvy CEO and Eclipse Che project lead. “We have made it possible to launch developer workspaces, on-demand, from within Microsoft, Atlassian and Jenkins development solutions. This allows developers, product managers and users to contribute and collaborate on code in a way that makes agile development continuous.”

Codenvy combines runtimes, projects and an integrated development environment (IDE) into a portable universal workspace that solves the configuration and sharing challenges created by localhost developer workspaces. Codenvy’s portable workspaces run in lightweight Docker containers, providing instant startup and the elastic scalability needed to build and run millions of workspaces. Workspaces are easily accessible via a browser, removing the need for development teams to create, maintain and manage development environments.

Eclipse Che and Codenvy are installed in thousands of environments and organizations around the world. The all-new Codenvy takes this proven scale and performance to the enterprise with new features that include:

  • Eclipse Che universal workspaces: Project source code, configuration and runtimes are stored and versioned together, allowing developers anywhere to immediately contribute to the project without installing software.
  • Private installation: Codenvy can be installed behind a firewall or in a virtual private cloud for enterprise control. Installations can be self-hosted and managed, or hosted and managed by the Codenvy services team.
  • Integration with the agile toolchain and processes: On-demand developer workspaces are made available through links in Atlassian JIRA and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services, enabling in-context feedback and rapid development.
  • SSH to integrate any IDE: Although Codenvy ships with an advanced browser IDE, its universal workspaces are accessible from any machine and editor via Secure Shell (SSH).
  • Docker Swarm clusters for running millions of workspaces: Codenvy workspaces are run in lightweight Docker containers. Codenvy manages the workspace lifecycle and scaling using Docker Swarm, allowing organizations to seamlessly add any number of projects and developers.
  • Fair Source 5 licensing: A derivative of the Fair Source License by Sourcegraph, the Codenvy Fair Source License lets up to five users from an organization to view, download, execute and modify the code free of charge.