Amyuni Technologies, the leading PDF vendor for high-performance PDF development components for .Net and ActiveX applications, today announced the release of Version 4.5 of its range of tools for developers and end-users. Amyuni tools are used by thousands of industry-leading companies to integrate PDF conversion, processing and editing functionality into their applications. Amyuni introduces a wide range of new features designed to enhance accuracy and performance.
“With Windows 7 and 64-bit OS becoming the standards in the PC market, all the aspects of running under these environments have been reviewed and optimized.” said Amyuni President/CTO Dany Amiouny. “Several performance enhancements and rendering improvements have been added to the product suites.”
Amyuni Developer Pro Tools Version 4.5 Highlights

As the need for PDF integration into .Net and ActiveX continues, developers and IT managers frequently turn to Amyuni’s PDF technology, as it does not rely on external open source libraries. Building upon this foundation and the exceptionally high-performance of the products, Version 4.5 meets new demands in PDF processing and compatibility. Some of the new features include:
    •    Microsoft WHQL Testing and Certification for 32 and 64-bit Windows 2008 and Windows 7
    •    64-bit Software Development Kits improve performance and compatibility with 64-bit applications
    •    Fully managed .NET assemblies enable integration with web applications

These new capabilities extend Amyuni’s position as the leading PDF vendor for .Net and ActiveX components. Customers can not only work with a proven technology that is easy to integrate, but also achieve performance and compatibility that many PDF companies simply cannot deliver.

“We are frequently asked what makes us different to other PDF vendors on the market – it is simply that we realize the challenges that come with PDF integration. Amyuni tools are continually kept ahead of current trends and meet new standards such as Certification for Windows 2008 Server, only take a few lines of code to implement, with quality online product documentation and most of all a dedicated team that promptly responds to customers’ questions and concerns. Version 4.5 provides a platform for integrating PDF that answers the individual developers’ needs, with our team of PDF experts there every step of the way” said Amyuni Customer Service Manager Jose Pimentel. 

New Release includes new optional OCR Module

Amyuni has also expanded its developer tools product range including a new OCR module. “Our highly accurate OCR module can be either licensed independently of our other PDF Components or as an add-on to existing licenses. Offering developers further flexibility with licensing our tools.” said Amiouny.
All new versions and products are available for download along with free technical support throughout the trial period courtesy of Amyuni. Visit or contact to learn more.