Amyuni Technologies, a leading vendor of high-performance development tools announced today the release of the DevTouch Pro, a revolutionary software deployment tool designed for mobile application developers. The DevTouch Pro is a color touchscreen tablet designed to provide mobile application developers and product managers with a customizable development, testing, and deployment platform.

With the ever-increasing demand for mobile applications, the DevTouch Pro is uniquely positioned: Unlike other mobile application devices and platforms, the DevTouch Pro tablet is configurable, customizable, and most of all—open. With its 7-inch resistive touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi™and Bluetooth® interfaces, and lightweight design, the DevTouch Pro is all about giving developers and product managers control over their product.

When asked about what prompted the development of the DevTouch Pro, Amyuni President/ CTO Dany Amiouny responded, “To introduce new mobile products, vendors are often left with limited options such as having to create their own costly prototypes or buy high volumes of poor quality devices often unsupported by their manufacturers, which often would mean working with pre-installed or proprietary device platforms. The DevTouch Pro is Amyuni Technologies’ answer to that problem, because it provides product managers and developers time-and-cost-saving benefits together in a single, mobile tablet solution.”

As a portable touchscreen tablet, the DevTouch Pro can be used in various professional field applications such as Health Care and Pharmaceutical or Home Consumer Devices,such as Personal Organizers, Educational Applications and E-book Readers. Capable of supporting custom installations of Windows CE, Android, and Linux operating systems, the DevTouch Pro is able to meet any mobile application development requirement.

“In today’s aggressive mobile applications market, innovative products are often not enough: When different mobile device vendors create similar products, the success one may have over another is sometimes just a matter of how quickly they reach consumers” said Amiouny. “Amyuni Technologies answers this problem with the DevTouch Pro; a mobile tablet device designed especially for small- and medium-sized mobile  application vendors who want complete control over the development, testing, and distribution of their products.”

The DevTouch Pro is not only a solution designed for developers, but for product managers, too, who want to reduce the development costs and time-to-market of new mobile products. Made and distributed in North America, the DevTouch Pro is CSA-certified and features short-run tablet options, to give product managers faster, more flexible distribution capabilities. “We are very excited about the release of the DevTouch Pro,” Amiouny says. “We hope that it will be an invaluable tool for both developers and project managers alike.”

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