#1: Walkway
Walkway is a simplified means of animating SVG elements. Developed by Connor Atherton, this small library re-creates the animations from Polygon’s PlayStation4 review. It creates new Walkway instances with a supplied options object, using .draw to start animating the call on the returned instance, providing an optional callback for when drawing is complete, along with selector, duration and easing options.

#2: Dashboards
No mystery here. This project by developer analytics provider Keen IO is all about responsive dashboard templates for Bootstrap. The analytics dashboard layout templates are composed of a minimal set of Bootstrap v3.2 custom styles covering the most common use cases and layout configurations Keen IO has encoutered. There are dashboard layouts for pre-built, responsive dashboard views, as well as examples for specific domains, data models and integrations.

We featured #3: Osquery, Facebook’s  instrumentation framework to view an OS a relational database, in a previous SD Times news digest.

#4: Awesome WPO was featured in last week’s Top 5 trending GitHub projects.

Read all about #5: Proxygen, Facebook’s new C++ HTTP framework, here.