Android TV: Android TV isn’t a new platform, but the company says it is now giving TVs the same level of attention as phones and tablets. Android TV will run similar to Roku and Apple TV, and will be able to provide contextual information about a user’s favorite show. The ADT1 Android TV development kit for Android TV will be available today. It will allow developers to transition existing mobile apps to Android TV. Sony, Sharp and Phillips TVs from this year will run Android TV.

The company also announced Android Auto SDK for developers. It includes APIs for audio and messaging apps so users can respond with voice comments. The company announced that, so far, more than 40 new partners have joined the Open Automotive Alliance, and more than 25 car brands have signed up to ship Android Auto.

The company is also working to make sure that all devices are always connected so users can pick up where they left off.

“[Android L is] an amazing buffet of capabilities and APIs for developers that truly expands the Google ecosystem,” said Al Hilwa, analyst at IDC. “The reach of the platform to [wearables], autos, home and TV, as well as connecting them together, really begins to show the connectedness of Android as the leading mobile platform.”