There’s also Hisense’s Pulse Pro Android TV box, a set-top box running software called Android TV v4, with the ability to run Google TV apps.

Dual-boot Android/Windows devices didn’t stop with just Intel, Asus and AMD. India-base MicroMax introduced its dual-boot LapTab, and both Lenovo and HP also announced dual-boot devices for Microsoft and Google OSes.

A few more crazy smart devices
Innovega iOptik lenses are smart contact lenses that, when worn with accompanying glasses, can display apps and media to create a Google Glass-like experience. The lenses also give the wearer “superhuman” vision, allowing them to see beyond what a normal eye can see.

The Sleep Number x12 smart bed has sensors that measure breathing, movement and heart rate, displaying the sleep data on a smartphone to help you improve your sleeping habits. So if you’ve got US$8,000 to kill and don’t mind sleeping on top of a giant machine that’s monitoring your every move, it hits the market in February.

Sleep Number x12