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Broadcom: Optimize Organizational Efficiency to Drive Customer Value

To thrive in today’s competitive environment, enterprises must eliminate waste, accelerate their product time to market, and strive for continuous improvement. However, challenges such as work prioritization and understanding past performance issues can hinder an organization’s efforts to optimize efficiency. One common complaint from companies seeking greater efficiency is the difficulty in prioritizing innovation. Tasks … continue reading

Broadcom delivers workload automation and orchestration with launch of Automic SaaS

Broadcom today announced that its Automic Automation solution is now available as Software as a Service (SaaS). Automic SaaS provides the same features as the market-leading Automic Automation on-premises solution with the added benefits of a service. With advanced workload automation and workflow orchestration capabilities, Automic SaaS will unify and simplify automation across mainframe, distributed, and … continue reading

Organizational Alignment is the Key to Delivering Customer Value

One of the challenges facing organizations that deliver software is how to make sure the company strategy is followed through planning, production and the finished product, and that everything is staying on track. In other words, how do they know if what they’ve delivered is actually what they set out to deliver? One answer to … continue reading

Broadcom’s Value Stream Management Virtual Summit: Learn how VSM delivers visibility, alignment and efficiency

Learn how value stream management (VSM) can provide visibility into your processes, help you align them to meet your goals, and gain efficiencies at Broadcom’s VSM Virtual Summit on April 24. Recent research has shown VSM plays a critical role in ensuring that going fast and delivering more frequently also delivers a product that actually … continue reading

Broadcom’s ‘Three Pillars’ of value stream management

The idea of improving the creation and delivery of value to customers and the organization itself has come to be described by any number of terms in the industry: value stream management, developer productivity and observability, flow management and – at Broadcom, ValueOps (its value stream management solution). Despite the wrangling over terminology, the industry … continue reading

Broadcom acquires ConnectALL

Broadcom today announced it has acquired value stream management platform provider ConnectALL to add integrations to its ValueOps VSM portfolio. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. In a blog post announcing the deal, Broadcom said its plan is to integrate ConnectALL with the company’s ValueOps platform, which includes the Rally agile solution and the … continue reading

Broadcom: 84% of orgs will be using VSM by end of the year

If you’re a regular reader of SD Times you may have gotten the sense that value stream management (VSM) is really taking off in tech. We’ve increasingly written about it, launched a new website just for value stream news, and even launched a value stream management conference that has been running annually since 2020.  And … continue reading

How service virtualization supports cloud computing: Key use cases

(First of two parts) Several weeks ago, a customer of the Broadcom Service Virtualization solution posed the following question: “Now that we’re moving to the cloud, do we still need Service Virtualization?”  The question struck me as odd. My sense is that this confusion probably stemmed from the misperception that, since cloud environments can be … continue reading

Optimize continuous delivery with continuous reliability

The 2021 State of DevOps report indicates that greater than 74% of organizations surveyed have Change Failure Rate (CFR) greater than 16% (the report provides a range from 16% to 30%). Of these, a significant proportion (> 35%) likely have CFRs exceeding 23%.  This means that while organizations seek to increase software change velocity (as … continue reading

Service virtualization: A continuous life cycle technology

Service virtualization has helped countless organizations perform tests on application components that live outside their development organizations, or that are not available to the tester when needed to complete their tests. Virtualization enables organizations to put up a virtual service more easily than they can “yank a box on an Amazon server,” explained Shamim Ahmed, … continue reading

Getting around roadblocks to VSM metrics

While many organizations think they have value stream management, they are encountering roadblocks to gain the metrics they need from it, according to Laureen Knudsen, chief transformation officer at Broadcom in the talk “Maneuvering around VSM roadblocks” at {virtual} VSMcon 2022.  A recent study by Broadcom found that 88% of people say they are doing … continue reading

Continuous test data management for microservices, Part 2: Key steps

This is part 2 in a series on applying test data management (TDM) to microservices. Part 1 can be found here.  The continuous TDM process for microservices applications is similar to that for general continuous TDM, but tailored to the nuances of the architecture. The key differences are as follows:  Step 1(b): Agile Design Rigorous … continue reading Protection Status