ESD America, licensed manufacturers and distributors of the GSMK Cryptophone range of secure telephones, today release the Cryptophone CP500 for sale to customers in the United States.

The CryptoPhone 500’s technical architecture offers a level of configurable mobile device security previously not available on any commercial mobile phone platform. Its unique level of protection rests upon four pillars:
• End-to-end voice and message encryption: Just like the CryptoPhone 4xx series, the CryptoPhone 500 offers secure end-to-end encrypted messaging and voice over IP
calls on any network, including 2G GSM, 3G/UMTS, and Wireless LAN. GSMK CryptoPhone IP’s high transmission protocol efficiency allows the phone’s easy deployment even in the most challenging network environments where only limited data throughput is available.
• Hardened operating system: The CryptoPhone 500 is the first mobile phone featuring GSMK’s secure Android operating system, built from source code with granular security management and streamlined, security-optimized components and communication stacks. GSMK’s unique hardware module controller and permission enforcement module control access to network, data and sensors (camera, microphone, etc.), keeping the user in control of individual security policies.
• Baseband firewall: Based upon three years of cutting-edge research in baseband processor security, the new patent-pending CryptoPhone Baseband Firewall offers unique protection against over-the-air attacks with constant monitoring of baseband processor activity, baseband attack detection, and automated initiation of countermeasures. A global first, the CP500’s Baseband Firewall provides a revolutionary line of defense against over-the-air attacks not available on any other product.
• Encrypted storage system: Protecting data at rest against unauthorized access, the CryptoPhone 500 features a two-layer storage encryption system with whole disk encryption as well as a separate secure storage container for contacts, messages, and notes with smart folders.

The CryptoPhone 500 is fully compatible with all GSMK CryptoPhone IP mobile, satellite and fixed-line encryption products. Its revolutionary security architecture offers an unsurpassed level of mobile device protection previously unavailable on a commercial mobile phone platform. The CryptoPhone 500 is now commercially available.