Interneer, Inc., a leader in Business Process Management (BPM) software for Smart Enterprise Apps, announced its decision to rename the company under the new corporate brand Intellect at the company’s 4th annual user conference, Intellect Innovate 2015. The name change to match its flagship product name, sets the foundation for the company’s branding efforts to be more aligned with the company’s value proposition of bringing intelligence, insight, and agility to enterprise operations for improved productivity, efficiency, compliance and engagement.

In conjunction with the rebrand, the company launched Intellect 8, the newest version of its award-winning BPM platform, unleashing new advanced capabilities to empower innovation through mission-critical Smart Enterprise Apps. Intellect 8 is an app-centric platform that enables business people to create, run and manage an entire library of Smart Enterprise Apps. Any app created on Intellect 8 can be easily deployed as a native mobile app on any iOS and Android device in minutes, and allow for continued use even if internet connectivity is lost.

Along with the new platform and branding, the company has bolstered its resources in professional services and support to ensure customer success. The new company and product updates were unveiled in Las Vegas at its two-day user conference, Intellect Innovate 2015, along with the first annual Configurathon™ app creation contest.

Intellect has established itself as an award-winning leader in the BPM software industry for enterprise and midmarket customers. The company’s Intellect offering is a powerful and highly agile platform for creating, running and managing a wide variety of business apps that require forms, data, workflow, detailed reporting, and integration to legacy enterprise applications. With its user friendly drag-and-drop interface that requires No Programming or software coding, Intellect offers one of the most rapid-to-launch solutions in the industry that is ideal for enterprise and midmarket companies seeking fast time-to-value and a solution to enterprise IT and budget constraints.

Intellect 8 offers new features and functionality, including an app-centric approach that enables an organization to offer and integrate an entire library of enterprise apps, as well as support for Android native mobile apps, recognizing the growing adoption of Android devices in the enterprise. The new release also includes enhancements to its existing native mobile app for any iOS mobile device.

“This is an exciting time for our company and for our customers,” said Romeo Elias, President and CEO of Intellect. “We’re introducing our new company name – Intellect – and a new logo and branding to embody our Smart Enterprise App value proposition that we bring to the market.

“Customers will find an extensive amount of new functionality in Intellect 8, as well as a modern and fresh user interface designed to simplify the ease-of-use of the BPM platform users have grown to love,” continued Elias. “These new capabilities, together with our rapid-to-launch methodology, give organizations the ability to innovate faster and connect apps, people and processes.

“In addition, the Configurathon™ contest was a huge success and is aligned with our vision to empower business people to innovate. It was inspiring to see all the contestants configure enterprise apps in just one and a half hours.”