Intersoft Solutions, a global vendor specializing in presentation layer components for ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, and Mobile application development, today announced the official release of Premier Studio 2013. Intersoft continues to lead the market with its latest Premier Studio release, thanks to the growing and expanding product portfolios which adds comprehensive mobile tools lineup designed to streamline cross-platform native mobile development and new reporting suite designed to make business reports authoring a breeze.

“We’re very excited to deliver our biggest yet the most impactful release in our records,” says Jimmy Petrus, the CEO of Intersoft Solutions, “The 2013 release is a commit of year-long intensive research and development, putting together the new revolutionary toolset for cross-platform mobile development and major upgrades across the existing ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF lineup. We trust our customers and professional developers will find our new Studio a truly indispensable toolset that provides virtually everything they need to create engaging enterprise web and mobile apps in the shortest time possible.”

“We’re very happy to be working closely with Intersoft and see the incredible results of Intersoft’s Crosslight integration with Xamarin’s platform,” says David Hathaway, an Enterprise Customer Success Manager with Xamarin, “Crosslight is a great addition to the Xamarin community, providing rock-solid application frameworks and core mobile services that address numerous key challenges in cross-platform mobile development. We look forward to bringing Crosslight to the hands of our customers through its availability in Xamarin Component Store”.

“Intersoft’s latest Premier Studio, strongly integrated into Visual Studio 2012, leverages key technologies like .NET and C# to help development teams build powerful and scalable mobile apps on the Microsoft platform,” says Tom Lindeman, Director of the Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program at Microsoft. “With the ever-increasing importance of mobile apps, modern development teams require new tools to increase their productivity and achieve faster time-to-market delivery for consumers and enterprise audiences alike.”

Revolutionary Cross-platform Mobile Development Toolset Supporting iOS, Android and Microsoft Platforms
Introducing the company’s much anticipated mobile lineup, Crosslight is created with the vision to make cross-platform mobile development simpler, easier and enjoyable. Building on the latest technology stacks such as Microsoft’s .NET Framework and Xamarin’s Platforms, Crosslight enables developers to write a common application logic once and easily target multiple mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.

Developers from the Silverlight or WPF background will be able to leverage their existing programming skills such as C# and MVVM to quickly build great native mobile apps with very minimal learning curves using Intersoft’s revolutionary mobile toolset.
“The ability to reuse nearly 96% codebase in cross-platform mobile development is simply amazing. It’s developers’ dreams come true,” says Jimmy Petrus, “Developers can now enjoy building native mobile apps in highly intuitive and efficient ways without tedious code rewrite while at the same time enabling enterprises to continue leveraging their existing .NET powered infrastructure and assets.”

“Designed to be loosely coupled, yet customizable and extensible, Crosslight will change how developers build native apps,” says Nicholas Lie, the mobile product evangelist of Intersoft Solutions “Not just limited to mobile development, with unified and powerful MVVM support, Crosslight can also be leveraged to support other emerging platforms. Crosslight, built for the future.”

Crosslight provides developers with comprehensive native components and frameworks that are optimized for building line-of-business mobile apps. It supports various key scenarios such as presenting and managing data, creating rich data form with over 20 pre-built editing controls, screen navigation and access to a vast array of mobile-specific services such as making phone calls, capturing photo through camera, obtaining current location via GPS, and much more. All core services can be consumed in the shared application layer with C# and .NET base class libraries. As the results, developers can rapidly build business-oriented mobile apps in significantly less time with less effort.

In this release, Crosslight includes full support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. As Xamarin Premier Partner, Intersoft successfully integrates Crosslight with the Xamarin Platforms and brings its powerful MVVM framework to the iOS and Android platforms, while at the same time giving developers the benefits of writing code with C# and .NET on all platforms. For more information about the features available in Crosslight, please visit Intersoft Crosslight website.

Advanced XAML Reporting with Best-in-class Report Designer
Designed from the ground up with modular architecture, ClientUI Reporting for Silverlight sets the gold standards in Silverlight reporting product by offering a wealth of innovative report engine features such as multiple data bands support, nested hierarchical band and flexible reporting components backed by powerful C# style scripting support.

“The ClientUI release is strongly focused on the brand-new reporting control which comes with revolutionary feature sets such as advanced C# style scripting support and almost real-time rendering virtualization,” says Andry Handoko, the company’s technology officer, “It’s designed to be fast, extensible and data source agnostic. On top of that, it’s a XAML based reporting engine, so Silverlight and WPF developers will be able to author complex business reports with minimal learning curves.”

Built for performance, ClientUI Reporting renders any complex reports in a snap regardless of the number of pages – thanks to the advanced report processing engine featuring lightning-fast rendering virtualization technology. This greatly improves the application’s overall usability as users are able to view reports in near real-time without requiring server roundtrip.

ClientUI Reporting ships with best-in-class report designer featuring an intuitive designer surface, grid lines and snapping, multiple undo and redo, zooming and selection, drag and drop for working with components, rich property editing, and industrial-standards user interface design. With thoughtfully-designed user experiences, developers and end-users can easily and quickly author business reports, starting from the report design tasks, formatting tasks, and layout arranging tasks. For more information about the features available in ClientUI Reporting, please visit Intersoft ClientUI website.

5 Major ASP.NET Releases Featuring HTML5 and Modern User Experiences
In this 2013 release, Intersoft also refreshes all its ASP.NET lineup with new modern user interface and full HTML5 support. The flagship components, which receive major release, are WebScheduler, WebTextEditor, WebEssentials, WebInput and WebTreeView. In addition to new features, these major upgrades also commit nearly 90% of user-driven feature requests and reported feedback.

The new WebScheduler now comes with much improved daylight saving time (DST) support and new Modern UI theme. WebInput features the much-requested watermark and new Modern UI theme in all its editors. Now fully support HTML5 and CSS3, WebTextEditor comes with new faces with gorgeous modern UI theme applied consistently across its user interface such as built-in media gallery, table designer, spell checker in multiple sections and more.

WebTreeView receives new look and feel on its UI elements, which completely get revamped to match the Modern user interface. WebEssentials now fully supports HTML5 that renders identically in all modern browsers today. For more information, please visit Intersoft WebUI Studio website.

Introducing Intersoft Premier Studio and New Studio Editions
In the past years, Intersoft has always been focused on development tools for the web and desktop. The 2013 release today marks the company’s most remarkable milestone as it expands its product portfolio to enter the fast-growing mobile development market, which includes support for the world’s top three mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. All products offering remain centered on the .NET technology and development with Visual Studio, although the development for iOS and Android are also supported in Mac through Xamarin Studio.

Due to the introduction of new lineup, Intersoft has made changes to its product editions and pricing. The previous flagship name – Intersoft WebUI Studio Premier – has now changed to Intersoft Premier Studio. Premier Studio now includes the new mobile toolset in addition to all existing lineups. Existing customers with active WebUI Studio Premier subscriptions will be automatically upgraded to Intersoft Premier Studio without additional costs. Editions for ASP.NET and Silverlight/WPF remain unchanged.
In addition, Intersoft makes available a new product edition called Mobile Studio, which includes development tools and components for cross-platform mobile development including iOS, Android and Microsoft platforms. Similar to the other editions, Mobile Studio is licensed per developer subscription basis. Starting at $999, Mobile Studio includes components for all the four platforms in a single box.

Following the edition changes and restructure, Intersoft has rebranded all its products and marketing materials to establish a more connected branding and identity across all its lineup. This includes new logo, new online store with enhanced check out experiences, and streamlined Intersoft Universal Account for managing downloads and licenses.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the new Mobile Studio on board and announce our brand-new Premier Studio,” says Martin Lie, the customer relation manager of Intersoft Solutions “The branding revamp reflects our latest product offering and positioning in the market as we have expanded beyond the web and desktop. We believe that customers will find the entire Intersoft Studio editions more connected and appealing with thoughtfully-designed user experiences – from the evaluation, download, purchase, licensing and deployment.”

To streamline cross-platform mobile development in a holistic manner, Intersoft has partnered with Xamarin to make available various product bundles with attractive pricing which are now available for purchase from the new Intersoft Online Store. The bundle variations and pricing are listed in the following section.

Now Available for Download
With over 400 highly advanced components across 7 platforms – including ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 – Premier Studio is the industry’s ultimate, most comprehensive development toolset available in the market today. Software developers can download a free copy of 30-day fully functional trial to experience the new Premier Studio features. For more information about what’s new in this release, visit Intersoft Studio 2013 Tour.

Pricing and Availability
Intersoft Studio 2013 editions are now available for immediate purchase at Four editions are available:
• Premier Studio edition is the ultimate Studio edition for your entire Web and mobile development needs. It includes the comprehensive set of all ASP.NET, Silverlight, and WPF platform components as well as cross-platform mobile development tools. It also includes Priority Support, live chat technical support, and more. Prices start at $1,999.
• Mobile Studio edition is the new edition for cross-platform mobile development. It includes Crosslight Foundation and Crosslight for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store which lets you build your own line-of-business mobile apps with native user experiences. Prices start at $999.
• ASP.NET edition offers a comprehensive toolkit for ASP.NET Web development, including the award-winning data grid, hyper-fast combo box, powerful scheduler, rich text editor, and 28 additional cutting-edge components. Prices start at $1,499.
• Silverlight and WPF edition includes the high performance data grid, tree view, rich XPS viewer, charting and reporting controls and 280 more. Prices start at $1,299.

All Intersoft Studio editions including Premier Studio, WebUI Studio, and Mobile Studio are now available in Subscription basis only. Learn more about the benefits of a subscription.

In addition, Intersoft has partnered with Xamarin to provide special product bundles with attractive cost saving. There are six product bundles, which are available in subscription license only:
• Premier Studio + Xamarin.iOS Business starts at $2,399.
• Premier Studio + Xamarin.Android Business starts at $2,399.
• Premier Studio + Xamarin.iOS + Xamarin.Android Business starts at $2,999.
• Mobile Studio + Xamarin.iOS Business starts at $1,599.
• Mobile Studio + Xamarin.Android Business starts at $1,599.
• Mobile Studio + Xamarin.iOS + Xamarin.Android Business starts at $2,399.

Learn more about Intersoft Studio, Mobile Studio and Xamarin product bundles.

All new products and bundles are immediately available for purchase at Intersoft Online Store. For complete pricing details and other product bundles, please see Intersoft Price List.