Digia, the company behind Qt, has announced the immediate availability of the Qt Mobile edition, a cross-platform development offering that provides everything needed to develop, deploy and host mobile apps cost-efficiently for Android, iOS and other mobile platforms. Qt Mobile enables hassle-free multi-platform application development and managing of apps with a built-in Qt-optimized cloud backend service, Qt Cloud Services. The Qt Mobile offering has been specifically packaged for individual developers and app development software houses looking to develop native apps with mind-blowing graphics and performance for Android, iOS and other mobile platforms – all with one framework. It has been designed to enable mobile app developers to reach and address the largest mobile markets.

Qt is a truly cross-platform software development framework and the only technology that allows C++ native and declarative language application development across desktop, embedded and mobile platforms supporting deployment on all the leading operating systems across many processor architectures and 70+ industries. Qt’s unique abstraction-layer composition enables swift and effortless development and is proven to speed up defragmented multi-platform development by 50%. With millions of Qt-based devices and applications in the market, Qt makes developers’ lives easier by enabling them to create eye-catching applications faster and deploy them on multiple targets in the mobile, desktop and embedded space by simply reusing the same code, reducing development costs and time to market.

Qt Mobile includes the industry-renowned cross-platform C++-based Qt libraries, Qt Enterprise-level tools, Qt Creator IDE with additional value-adding functionality meant to supercharge mobile app creation. The goal of Qt Mobile is to bring the power of Qt to all mobile developers everywhere with an affordable and commercially viable offering that delivers true cross-platform development on Android, iOS and other platforms, reduces time to market and maximises the revenue potential of every app.

“We focus on giving mobile app developers what they want and need to create amazing apps for end users immediately. To maximise return on investment, mobile developers want to produce apps that not only deliver stunning graphics and native erformance, but which also reach the maximum number of users effectively and efficiently in multiple platforms and screens. Qt Mobile enables app developers to focus on creating a stunning user experience secure in the knowledge that the app created will be fully portable across multiple mobile operating system platforms and screen sizes The entire power of Qt is available in the Qt Mobile at an affordable price,” says Tommi Laitinen, SVP International Products, Digia.

Qt Mobile Key Features
• Qt Mobile libraries and development tools for unbeatable native performanceand maximum developer efficiency
• Cross-platform environment for Android & iOS app development plus other mobile platforms to be added soon
• Cloud data storage & user management (Qt Cloud Services)
• Application development support from Digia experts
• Commercial development and deployment license protecting development investments and simplifying application distribution
• $149 per month per user licence

Qt has been named one of the top 5 cross-platform tools by Vision Mobile’s Developer Economics report: http://www.developereconomics.com/pros-cons-top-5-cross-platform-tools/. For more information on Qt Mobile, please visit the product page http://qt.digia.com/qtmobileedition.