Software monetization leader, SafeNet, Inc., announced the first and only software licensing solution for Android-powered devices, Sentinel RMS Embedded. With SafeNet’s technology, software publishers and device vendors will now be able to easily package, control, track usage of, and manage applications deployed on any Android-powered device, handset, or tablet as part of a comprehensive software monetization strategy.

Sentinel RMS Embedded is a low-footprint, highly portable version of Sentinel RMS, SafeNet’s industry-proven software licensing toolkit. Sentinel RMS Embedded is designed specifically for the memory-constrained environments commonly associated with mobile devices and handsets, and it delivers out-of-the-box support for the Android operating system (OS), making it the ideal choice for mobile software monetization. Paired with Sentinel EMS, the company’s entitlement management solution, Sentinel RMS Embedded enables software publishers and device manufacturers to flexibly protect, price, package, and mange software deployed on Android-enabled devices in order to maximize revenue, reduce operating costs, and improve customer experience.

“Delivering a best-in-class device is no longer just about size, shape, and performance; it’s about providing an experience, and bundled software is an increasingly important aspect of that experience,” said Mr. Youngsup Kim, principal engineer at Samsung Electronics. “As hardware value is increasingly driven by value-added software, the ability to protect, control access to, and track the usage of that software is paramount to maximizing revenue and profitability. SafeNet is the only software monetization solution vendor positioned to help the mobile industry with this challenge.”

Sentinel RMS Embedded provides application vendors with a means to extend their enterprise applications to the Android platform, enabling them to monetize their application in mobile environments. Use of Sentinel EMS enables vendors to easily provision and manage licensing across all their platforms.

“End-user demand for access to high-value content and applications from mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, has reached an all-time high,” said Michelle Nerlinger, vice president of Marketing, SafeNet. “In order to capitalize on this growing demand, mobile device manufacturers and application developers need a way to effectively provision, control, and manage applications deployed within mobile environments without compromising security, user experience, or insight. Software licensing and entitlement management technology will provide vendors with the tools they need to do just that and SafeNet is thrilled to help solve this challenge for the Android platform.”

SafeNet offers Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions tailored specifically to protect and manage software embedded within any piece of hardware—from networking appliances and medical devices to mobile handsets and industrial automation equipment. These offerings provide device and equipment manufacturers with all the tools they need to effectively protect their products from tampering and reverse engineering, while also opening up an entirely new world of software packaging and opportunities to maximize profitability.

Sentinel Embedded Software Monetization Features:
• Award-winning Security – License enforcement and IP protection to ensure device and brand integrity, mitigating reverse engineering and safeguarding revenue.
• Product Configuration Management – Multiple software pricing and packaging options from one primary code build to reduce inventory costs and simplify operational processes.
• Flexible Business Models – The industry’s widest variety of flexible licensing models and enforcement mechanisms, enabling device and equipment manufacturers to meet the packaging demands of every customer, every time.
• Remote Feature Management – Remote software upgrades and feature-level access control to simplify customer lifecycle management.
• Centralized Management and Process Automation – Integration with the company’s Web-based entitlement management solution, Sentinel EMS, providing centralized and automated product activation, usage tracking, and ongoing end-user entitlement management.
• Embedded-focused Design – Reduced footprint and efficient memory use meet strict embedded environment constraints without compromising device performance.
• High Portability – Out-of-the-box support for a broad variety of platforms and operating systems and a design that supports quick and easy custom porting.