Whenever Google and Nestle do decide to release Android KitKat, they’ll have led us all on a wild Google-chase to get there.
Last week, the Kit Kat Google+ page started posting daily teaser photos that seemed to be counting down…with the clock set to hit zero this coming Wednesday, Oct. 23.

(Counting down through numbers 7, 6, 5 and 4…)
Friday brought number three on the countdown, and a guessing game to decipher where the three was hiding in an idyllic ocean shot with a dock made of kit kats.

Today, we have this:
“How many Android KITKAT toys can you count? First ten correct guesses to win! #AndroidKITKATHere”
KitKat countdown
Our guess is either 47 or 48, by the way, depending on whether you count the patch of green between the two toys all the way in the top left corner.
Today’s teaser photo is anything but conclusive. The r/android subreddit, abuzz with countdown theories since last week, has all but abandoned the theory after today. We’re not ready to let it go yet, though. Our money is still on Wednesday, Oct. 23. If you look closely, there are only two full Android toys in the first row of the frame. Read into that what you will.
Other even more farfetched theories have pointed to Oct. 28 or Oct. 31, but we’re sticking to our guns here. Wednesday, the day after Apple’s iPad event, we predict Google will steal their thunder and drop Android KitKat 4.4.
At this point, the teaser countdown is as good a theory as any to keep the masses amused and speculating as Google and Nestle bide their time. All that’s left to do now is to wait and see what tomorrow’s clue brings.