There are only two days left in October, and if the ramped up pace of teasers is any indication, Android KitKat will be upon us before November.

(KitKat countdown: The good, the bad, and the just plain silly)

Over the past few days on the Kit Kat Google+ page and Twitter account, we’ve seen four teaser photos and a video in three days. The countdown theory has proven an amusing wild goose chase, but as far as actual clues go, we’ve had a few solid leads. The most promising came on Monday:

“Mmmmm! #MovieBreak”

Android KitKat

Theories abound have speculated that since this year is the 31st anniversary of “E.T.,” it means KitKat will be released on Halloween. Since Halloween was the rumored release date well before the countdown frenzy started, it seems like our best bet right now.

Theories guessing that the one KitKat finger meant one day left went out the window on Tuesday.

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