This week’s GitHub project aims to provide an easy, fast and painless way to set up a self-hosted Git service. Go Git Service, or Gogs, is a self-hosted Git service that is written in the Go programming language.

“Officially, our purpose is to take the advantage of Go building everything into one binary to set up your own self-hosted Git Service,” wrote Gogs’ creator Jiahua Chen in a blog post. “But in my words, I just don’t like the products that exist right now, because they need a lot of installation steps and dependencies, or they come from a single developer with no anticipated prospect, or they aren’t cross-platform. And Gogs certainly supports a rich number of operating systems because of Go’s cross-platform reach.”

Gogs was designed to provide easy installation, run anywhere Go complies for, and provide minimal requirements. The service is currently on version 0.6 beta, which fixes some bugs from previous versions such as duplicated sub-URL prefix in feeds and incorrect access for people in multiple teams.

Main features include multi-language support; support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3; repository Git hooks; SSH/HTTP(S) protocol support; and drone CI integration.

“We have at least two competitors in the long term: GitLab and GitHub Enterprise. So what does Gogs have to compete with them? I think right now we have only one advantage: the binary deployment. Setting up your Git service simply will be our big competitive advantage,” Chen wrote.

Top 5 projects trending on GitHub this week
Universal Android Music Player Sample: A sample that demonstrates how to implement a cross-platform audio media app that provides a consistent user experience across various form factors.

#2 Sirius: Created by University of Michigan researchers, Sirius is a digital personal assistant similar to Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. It features speech recognition, image matching, natural-language processing, and a question-and-answer system.

#3 Fonts: Font files from Google Fonts. Users can choose a font file based on its script, thickness, slant and width.

#4 Foreign LINUX: Last week’s SD Times’ GitHub project of the week!

#5 GXUI: A Go cross-platform UI library created by Google. Google notes that this is just an experimental library, and the code has frequent breaking changes.