Add native power to your shared JavaScript codebase with this Apache Cordova plug-in that’s available on GitHub (and is also SD Times GitHub project of the week): Project Ace.

Project Ace enables you to easily add native UI and native code to your JavaScript and HTML. It works with Ionic, PhoneGap and all Cordova-based projects.

What’s the big deal about native UI? According to Project Ace, contributors can mix native UI with HTML and get “the best of both worlds.” Native UI stays up to date with theme changes and respects user accessibility. It also provides good performance. With HTML, you can leverage your Web skills, code and familiar frameworks like Ionic, Bootstrap, and Ember.

Additionally, you can use a cross-platform native UI framework, or just use raw native controls directly. Use simple classes like Button, Grid or DatePicker. The UI framework provides cross-platform abstractions for native controls, layout, styling and more. These abstractions are easy to use in JavaScript, TypeScript or XAML markup, according to Project Ace.

You can also use platform-specific native controls directly.

With Project Ace, you can call native code without additional plug-ins. Your own code, third-party code or platform APIs can be called on from JavaScript. Directly add Java, Objective-C and Android resources to your Cordova project so you can leverage them.

See how Project Ace is used in action with the PhoneGap day app:

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