Swrve, providers of the world’s first in-app marketing platform, announced today that it will enable app developers to measure and improve the effectiveness of their mobile advertising with Facebook’s mobile app install ads, which appear in Facebook’s mobile News Feed.

With ever-increasing acquisition costs a fact of life for game and app publishers, the move will enable clear reporting of ROI on those users acquired via Facebook’s mobile app install ads.

With Swrve, mobile product and monetization managers can easily measure KPIs such as retention, conversion, and average revenue per user (ARPU). By comparing this data against acquisition spend the Swrve platform can deliver smarter, more targeted marketing campaigns delivering profitable, engaged users. The solution is also compliant with Facebook data and privacy policies.

“The days of spending blind are over for acquisition managers” said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve. “That model isn’t good enough anymore. We enable budgets to be allocated with confidence, by matching revenue to specific campaigns and building an understanding of what works and what doesn’t”.

Swrve’s in-app marketing capabilities also enable personalized user experiences and in-app marketing messages to be targeted at users acquired from Facebook mobile app install ads. Users from specific acquisition campaigns often require a different approach to monetization and Swrve delivers the game management platform required to deliver these.

“It’s in the app itself that revenue is made”, said Reynolds. “Different user groups require different routes to revenue, and we are committed to not just measuring users from multiple campaigns, but supporting product managers who wish to customize the experience for these player groups – or talk to them directly within the app.”