SYWARE Inc., a longtime leader in the development of mobile software tools, has launched Version 2.0 of DroidDB, its unique application building toolset for Android phones and tablets.

Like the original DroidDB, the new version enables users to create mobile applications to collect, organize, synchronize, and share information, with relational databases and a full range of forms. No programming expertise is needed.

New Features
With 2.0 applications, any number of Android devices can be wirelessly synchronized over the Internet with Microsoft Access or SQL Server or any other ODBC-enabled relational database. Tables can even be synchronized with multiple databases.

Applications built with DroidDB 2.0 can capture signatures, screen scribbles and barcodes, record GPS locations, integrate pictures and drawings, and even inscribe them on button faces. Data can be filtered in numerous ways to make using the application most efficient and useful.

DroidDB’s Unique Capabilities
With DroidDB 2.0, applications can take advantage of fully relational databases with multi-table, multi-form capabilities. Unique SYWARE technologies and extensive libraries of feature and function modules are also integrated into the toolset to make applications simple and easy to create. Unlike other mobile database software tools, DroidDB provides direct control over form design and allows the creation of an unlimited number of mobile forms for each device. Using simple drag and drop controls, forms are created on the PC desktop and downloaded to the Android devices.

Wide-Ranging Options
DroidDB 2.0 controls include labels, text, notes, check boxes, radio buttons, and drop down lists. Grid choices include sizable columns, column headers, and sorting criteria.

Other options include font selection, timestamps, calculations, and searches, and devices’ cameras can be fully integrated into applications.

Supported data types include text, memos, date/time, numbers, money, pictures and yes/no. The software also contains an array of commands, functions and calculations for collecting and analyzing data, and comes with pre-built interfaces for numeric and date/time data entry.

Cost Effective Flexibility
“DroidDB 2.0 is a very flexible toolset that anyone can use to make Android smart phones and tablets more useful than ever,” stated SYWARE President Sy Danberg, “for sales, field surveys, inventory management, medical record keeping and much more. Wherever the objective is to collect, integrate, organize or share information from multiple sources, DroidDB 2.0 is the cost effective way to build applications that will get the job done very well.”

Available In Two Editions
DroidDB 2.0 is available in two configurations. The $125 Business Edition is capable of building apps to run on Android handsets and tablets and wirelessly synchronizing the mobile data with desktop or server relational databases. The $29 Standard Edition does not include the synchronization capabilities. With either Edition, each handheld requires a $5 run-time license.