Tapjoy, Inc., a leading mobile advertising and publishing platform, today announced Tapjoy Reconnect, a powerful new ad unit for app developers to improve retention rates and increase user loyalty.

Retention and loyalty are two of the biggest challenges that app developers face. Therefore, in order to maximize acquisition efforts, reconnecting with consumers is a must. Most re-engagement solutions, however, are intrusive, expensive or both. Through Tapjoy Reconnect, app developers can reach out to consumers directly through the Tapjoy offerwall, where consumers can choose to re-engage with their app.

This approach to re-engagement offers a more consumer-centric and efficient alternative to push notifications. With push notifications, developers may pay on volume, without knowing whether the user has push notifications enabled or not, and with no guarantee that the user ever re-engaged with their app. With Tapjoy Reconnect, a developer will only pay when the user chooses to re-engage with their app.

“We’ve found that when you provide users with choice, it builds brand affinity and increases the likelihood of retaining users long-term,” said Chris Akhavan, Vice President and General Manager, Partnerships & Strategic Operations at Tapjoy. “With Tapjoy Reconnect, we provide consumers with the choice to re-engage, while also providing a powerful tool to our partners to help boost retention in a less intrusive way.”

Unlike other re-engagement solutions, Tapjoy Reconnect places users directly at a specific point within an app from the Tapjoy offerwall. While the success of other solutions depends on the user scrolling through all the apps on their device to return to the app, Tapjoy Reconnect minimizes that friction by taking the user directly within the app they choose.

“For established apps, finding creative ways to reach out to users who may have uninstalled or disabled push notifications is a must,” said Ryan Chelsey, Product Manager, Smule. “Tapjoy Reconnect provides another look at re-engagement that’s non-intrusive and provides users with the choice to re-engage.”

Upon launching the desired app, Tapjoy Reconnect can be used to motivate users to complete any sort of desired action. For example, developers can reward them for coming back to complete an unfinished level or discover a new part of an app.