The latest version of the TypeScript-based web application solution is now available. Angular 11 spans across the entire platform including the framework, CLI and components.

The team announced with this release, its Operation Byelog goal is now complete. 

“When we shared Angular’s Roadmap, one of the items was Operation Byelog where we committed to putting a significant engineering effort towards triaging issues and PRs until we have a clear understanding of the broader community needs,” Mark Techson, developer advocate on the Angular team at Google, wrote in a blog post

The team stated any new issues reported will be triaged within two weeks. 

Other features of this release include:

  • Automatic font inlining to make apps faster
  • Component Test Hardness for testing Angular Material components
  • Improved reporting and logging
  • Updated language service preview
  • Updated Hot module Replacement support
  • Faster compilation with TypeScript 4.0
  • Faster process for installing dependencies
  • Experimental webpack 5 support
  • The use of TSLint and Codelyzer have been deprecated
  • Support for IE9/IE10 and IE mobile has been removed

According to the solutions updated roadmap, upcoming features include faster apps by inlining critical styles in Universal apps, improved debugging, a revamped performance dashboard, and updated e2e testing strategy.