Frappe is a low-code full stack, batteries-included, web framework written in Python and JavaScript, using MariaDB as its database. It is designed to reduce the amount of time developers spend writing code.

Frappe makes defining DocTypes easier without the need for code to be used everywhere, since everything in Frappe is a DocType. The framework also includes a single-page application with forms, lists, and search navigation built in.

Additionally, users have the ability to define customer roles and permissions that are applied out of the box on every interaction, and they can create their own applications that can be extended by other apps with Frappe’s modular architecture. 

The framework allows for integrations and comes with REST API and Webhooks on all models based on authentication. It also allows users to configure background workers as well as run periodic tasks that are powered by Python RQ. support based on NodeJS is also included, along with the ability to send, receive, view, and manage emails using SMTP and IMAP based email accounts.

Lastly, Frappe enables customers to host several sites on one server, with its database driven multi-tenant architecture.