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Angular 16 offers several improvements to reactivity, server-side rendering, and tooling

The team behind Angular, a platform and framework for building single-page client applications using HTML or TypeScript, today announced the release of Angular v16, the framework’s largest release since the initial rollout of Angular. Included in this release is a developer preview of a new reactivity model for Angular which provides improvements to both performance … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Analog

Analog is a full stack meta-framework for building both websites and applications with Angular. It is one of the projects in GitHub’s Accelerator program, a 10-week program where open-source maintainers receive a sponsorship of $20,000 to invest in their project as well as guidance from leaders in the open-source community. According to the company, this … continue reading

Increasing Performance Of Angular Apps Through Change Detection And Component Reusing

Whether you are building enterprise applications, progressive web apps or e-commerce apps, there are many methods for enhancing your Angular application’s performance. Some of the best ways for achieving high-performing and more efficient Angular apps is through change detection and component reusing. You may be wondering how change detection works in Angular or how to … continue reading

AngularJS Long Term Support is officially discontinued

Four years after announcing discontinuation plans, Angular has officially discontinued long term support (LTS) for AngularJS. AngularJS is the first version of the Angular framework, which was released in 2010. All subsequent released versions were called Angular.  It had initially planned to end LTS in July 2021, but because of COVID-19, it decided to push … continue reading

Angular v13 continues on path of transitioning platform to Ivy compiler

The latest release of Angular, v13, is now available and it continues on Angular 12’s mission of transitioning the ecosystem to the Ivy compiler.  “With each new release our goal is to find material ways to make Angular better. In this release, we’ve done that through expansion of Ivy-based features and optimizations, partnering with our … continue reading

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Angular team announces new process for feature requests

Angular announced a new automated feature request process that it will implement over the next few weeks after the team found that a large portion of requests among its three main repos were feature requests.  In the new process, an Angular team member will review a ticket manually and identify it as either a feature … continue reading

Angular DevTools Profiler

Angular DevTools extension released

The Angular team has announced the release of Angular DevTools, which is a Chrome DevTools extension. It can be used to help with debugging Angular applications.  Angular recently ran a survey of Angular developers and identified that the areas of the debugging experience that need the most focus include improvements in error messages, understanding change … continue reading

Angular v12 now available

The latest version of Angular is now generally available. Angular v12 moves the language closer to “Ivy Everywhere,” an approach to transition the Angular ecosystem to the Ivy compiler.  As of this release View Engine is officially deprecated and will be fully removed in a future release. Current libraries that use View Engine will still … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Kendo UI’s latest release, TypeScript 4.3 RC, and Snyk acquires FossID

Progress announced the new release of Kendo UI R2 2021, which introduces Kendo UI for Angular, jQuery and Vue as well as  KendoReact. Kendo UI for Angular delivers new components such as BottomNavigation, MultiSelectTree, Skeleton and Circular Gauge to enhance users’ interaction with the app, data visualization and performance.  KendoReact aims to empower developers to … continue reading

Angular 12 will deprecate View Engine and replace it with Ivy

The Angular team has announced it will be deprecating View Engine in Angular 12, but that this change won’t require most developers to take any action. View Engine is Angular’s legacy compilation and rendering pipeline. It is being replaced by Ivy, which has been the default pipeline for developers for the past year. The goal … continue reading

Angular launches debugging guides

The Angular team has announced new debugging guides aimed at making it easier for developers to find errors in their code.  “The best part of coding is when something works on the first try. The next best thing is knowing how to debug errors when things don’t work the first time. As we’ve shared on … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Progress releases new Kendo UI Native components, Platform9 announces new DevOps productivity capabilities, and Visual Studio 2019 v 16.9 preview 3

This week’s update of Progress’ Kendo UI includes 24 new UI components across all Kendo UI libraries as well as support for Angular 11 and React 17. Kendo UI for Angular introduces components including DropDownTree, MultiColumnComboBox, TileLayout, FloatingActionButton and more while KendoReact includes many of the same features alongside added built-in keyboard navigation and UI … continue reading

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