Analog is a full stack meta-framework for building both websites and applications with Angular. It is one of the projects in GitHub’s Accelerator program, a 10-week program where open-source maintainers receive a sponsorship of $20,000 to invest in their project as well as guidance from leaders in the open-source community.

According to the company, this open-source offering provides a similar experience to frameworks such as Next.js, Nuxt, and SvelteKit, building on top of Angular.

Analog also supports filesystem-based routing on top of the Angular Router. Routes are defined using folders and files in the src/app/pages folder and only files ending with .page.ts are collected and utilized to build the set of routes. 

Additionally, it includes support for using markdown as content routes, as well as rendering markdown content in components. To use content files in Analog, the @analogjs/content package must be installed. 

Another key feature of this project is its support for defining API routes that can be used to serve data to the application. API routes are also based on filesystem, and are exposed under the default /api prefix in development.

It also supports Vite/Vitest/Playwright, Angular CLI/Nx workspaces, and Angular components with Astro. Lastly, Analog also provides hybrid SSR/SSG support. 

To learn more, visit the website.