Altiar full-service cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) optimized for Microsoft Azure and dtSearch, a leader in enterprise and developer text retrieval products, announce the integration of dtSearch’s core developer product, the dtSearch Engine into the Altiar platform.

A cloud-based service (public or private), Altiar includes rapid setup and limitless scalability and storage.  The Altair platform can accept any type of file, from PowerPoint to streaming video, as well as providing a host of tools and services to create custom content pages, newsletters, personal zones and the like.  The platform lets users not only access content from any connected device, but also manage, share and track content, including features like email alerts.

“Utilizing the power of dtSearch Engine at the core, users can search across the entire database of files uploaded by other users as well as manage their own uploads simply and quickly,” explains Altiar.  “Search results deliver relevant results from the content within every file as well as any additional data provided at upload.”

“Comprehensive searching is a key feature in our financial services’ sector portals, operating at both the brand management and the individual transactional event management level,” says Gareth Ratcliffe, Commercial Director at Altiar.  “The dtSearch Engine seamlessly fills that need, resulting in instant searching across all portal data.”

Initial customers of its Altiar platform include financial-industry customer PayPal.  “The Altiar ECM platform is uniquely backed by specific knowledge of the financial and other content-rich sectors,” says David Thede, president, dtSearch Corp.  “We welcome the opportunity to work with Altiar in this new cloud-based platform.”