Antelink, provider of open source detection & multi-source tracking solutions, announced today the release of its newly optimized and redesigned Antepedia Reporter product. Antepedia Reporter 2.0 encourages an efficient and effective use of open source for the qualification of components, and the immediate management of potential vulnerabilities throughout the software product lifecycle.

The new enhancements to Antepedia Reporter in its 2.0 version, offer the unique opportunity to manage Bill-of-Material (BOM) reports in real-time. This enables software development teams with the ability to edit, save, load, and reuse customized Bill-of-Material reports to concretely understand the open source components. Antepedia Reporter 2.0 provides a diverse volume of data that helps maximize the retrieval of specific open source compliance information, and, in-turn safeguards certified information on a private knowledge base for future projects that utilize the same components.

Additionally, Antelink is proud to announce that Antepedia Reporter 2.0 now includes a Release View, which generates a full graphic user interface to magnify scanned data through an interactive Treemap. The Treemap highlights the open source data of a project scanned, and further aides a user to drill down on specific elements for detailed information on an item of code. The reinforcement of the Treemap grants precise identification of various dependencies, license notification, and vulnerabilities in your software, thereby empowering quality management of open source code.

Antepedia Reporter now offers several product levels, including a new free version where users can use the product and generate their own bill-of-materials reports. Furthermore, all of the Antepedia Reporter products are fully functional on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

The various enhancements to Antepedia Reporter, including the expansion of the Bill-of-Materials report and the addition of a Release View, enable the continuous management of open source data throughout the software development lifecycle.

“We are excited to launch the newest version of Antepedia Reporter that has one of the most innovative detection tools, and the world’s largest knowledge base of open source components. Version 2.0 is redefining the open source detection process with new upgrades that expand the analysis capability of identified components, from coding to product deployment. Antepedia Reporter is a solution, which helps organizations to achieve and remain compliant, by thoroughly verifying all open source components,” says Guillaume Rousseau, CEO at Antelink.