AnyPresence, the leading enterprise backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) platform, today announced the launch of JustAPIs, a revolutionary solution for building and deploying modern, RESTful APIs.  IT organizations and enterprise developers who need to define custom API workflows within the corporate firewall, now have an easy, affordable solution that can complement existing MBaaS, MEAP/MADP, or app development frameworks.

JustAPIs is designed with a singular focus: to elegantly solve the API building challenge from the perspective of the enterprise app developer.  These individuals need a quick, easy way to define and deploy APIs with specific signatures (API headers and parameters), which can either be standalone services with JavaScript-based business logic, or connect to existing legacy and SOAP-based web services in the enterprise (similar to an API gateway). Traditional API management solutions focus on enterprise-wide API governance, and are often too expensive and cumbersome for these app-specific needs. Mobile backend services (MBaaS) solutions provide prescribed API signatures that cannot be modified, and most have cloud-based designers that cannot easily connect to on-premise systems.

“As a leader in the enterprise MBaaS market, we have a wealth of first-hand experience on what customers and systems integrators need when building enterprise apps,” said Richard Mendis, AnyPresence Chief Marketing and Product Officer. “We created a component to strengthen our platform that solves the need to quickly create modern APIs within a corporate environment. Our existing customers are already benefiting from this capability, and today we have made it available as a standalone JustAPIs offering for any developer to use.”

The JustAPIs solution is a high-performance, compiled executable that can run on any Linux, Windows, or Mac OSX based hardware, from a single developer’s laptop to large-scale, clustered production environments. With zero dependencies, JustAPIs can be installed instantly and includes sample APIs with familiar JavaScript-based business logic, so developers can be up and running with their own API server in less than a minute.  An intuitive browser-based administrative application, powered by the same JustAPIs server, enables developers to define API endpoints with modern formats and powerful workflows that can easily connect to corporate services behind the firewall, combining multiple legacy calls into a “composite” response.

The versatility and flexibility of JustAPIs enables it to be applied to a wide variety of uses including:

  • Building new API workflows using familiar JavaScript business logic
  • Converting existing legacy SOAP or XML web services to any modern API format
  • Simulating production APIs and augmenting them with sample data for Hackathons
  • Migrating mobile apps from legacy services to a modern MBaaS with minimal impact to client-side code
  • Serving up APIs from microprocessor-based IoT devices with a low-footprint server

To learn more about JustAPIs and download a complimentary 30-day trial, please visit: