Apache has announced the release of Apache Meecrowave 1.2.0 and Apache OpenWebBeans 2.0.3.

Apache Meecrowave is a server for microservices and standalone applications that is based on Java EE 8 technology. There are several ways to set it up, including maven plugins, programmatically as an embedded server, bundled as an application, or as a runner.

Apache OpenWebBeans is an implementation of the JSR-365 CDI-2.0 specification. It has a modular structures and uses Dependency Injection scaling from Java SE environments. This release is focused on the Contexts and Dependency Injection CDI 2.0 specification.

Ruby 2.5.0 is released
Ruby 2.5.0 has been released, making it the first stable release of the Ruby 2.5 series. It adds several new features such as support for branch coverages, automatic loading of the pp.rb library, and reversing the order in which backtrace and error messages are printed. This release features five to 10 percent improvement in performance by removing trace instructions from the bytecode. Block passing, Mutex, and ERB are also faster in this release.

Scaleworks acquires Keen IO
Scaleworks has announced it acquired Keen IO, which is a tool that enables developers to create custom analytics for teams and customers. It also usually powers the dashboards in a lot of SaaS tools.

“Scaleworks is committed to delight and build on the awesome relationships with customers that have been developed,” Ed Byrne, general partner at Scaleworks wrote in a post. “With renewed focus and an appreciation for what got Keen to where we are, we’re excited to fulfill Keen’s potential.”