API Fortress is pleased to announce a new self-service feature where anyone can create a free account and try the first ever visually guided API testing platform. It is the only tool that offers the ability to test an entire API without needing to write any code. For the first time a QA, Product Manager, or Project Manager can easily do what was once only possible by developers. All tests are logged, all errors are immediately reported, and all information is available on the dashboard for deeper analysis.

Millions of companies spend the majority of their testing resources on websites and apps, but neglect the APIs that power them both. Why are so many companies not testing their APIs? That is because it requires writing code, which takes the task out of the hands of the QAs and Product Managers that are traditionally responsible. API Fortress has created a solution for this industry-wide problem. For the first time, creating a comprehensive API test is as simple as a test for a website or app.

Payload accuracy is where the majority of errors occur today and yet very few test for it. Companies have been inhibited by the challenging technical nature of payload testing. API Fortress platform will ease technical headaches and save developers hours. Leverage the platform’s extensive assertion library and give your APIs the attention they deserve.