Parasoft Virtualize 9.9, Parasoft SOAtest 9.9, and Parasoft Environment Manager 2.7 introduce a host of new capabilities that help dev/test teams rapidly create and evolve intelligent tests for continuous testing.  Parasoft’s solution was recently recognized in the April 17, 2015 report, The Forrester Wave: Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools, Q2, 2015. Forrester selected Parasoft as a leader in functional test automation tools, citing its strength in API testing, UI automation, and key integrations. Parasoft received the highest score among all vendors in the Current Offering category.

The latest release of the Parasoft Continuous Testing solution includes:

  • Technologies that provide fast, easy, and accurate ways for developers and testers to keep their JSON and XML-based test and service virtualization assets in sync with evolving API versions and test environment impacts.
  • A set of features enabling teams to create REST API test and service virtualization assets faster and more accurately—including advanced automation for Swagger 1.0-2.0 and RAML.
  • Instant, environment-based notifications that alert developers and testers to any test or service virtualization assets that are no longer in-sync with the current published version of a REST API.

“Ironically, as organizations strive to become increasingly agile, they tend to incur a huge productivity hit because so much time and effort is required to keep automated tests and associated test environments in sync with continuously evolving services and application changes,” explained Wayne Ariola, Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer. “We designed this functionality to help teams update their test and service virtualization assets rapidly, accurately, and intelligently—so that they can focus on reducing application risk and hitting the target release date.”

For more information about the new features introduced in the latest release, click here.