Kong Konnect diagram

Kong has announced a beta for its new platform Kong Konnect, which provides users with access to a suite of tools for service connectivity for APIs and microservices. 

Users can use Kong Konnect to simplify complex workflows across API gateway, Kubernetes Ingress, and service mesh runtimes. 

It uses a modular approach and users can access capabilities as modules rather than needing to purchase the entire platform. They can select and consume the feature they need through the Kong Konnect interface, the company explained. 

Kong Konnect features a new ServiceHub that provides a single source of truth for services in an organization. It also has a runtime manager for handling self-service provisioning and Day 2 operations. Other features include self-service purchasing, role-specific workflows, vitals for monitoring services, a developer portal, and Insomnia integration.

“Using Kong Konnect, individuals within a technical organization can access the capabilities that they need for their roles through a unified interface. Developers can find and consume services through a comprehensive online catalog, operators can deploy runtimes on any environment with the click of a button, and architects can get a comprehensive view of all services across the organization,” Kong wrote in a post.