Mattermost 7.0 offers users the ability to develop custom apps and integrations so that users can communicate securely with native voice calls and screen sharing. Users can also leverage out-of-the-box workflow templates to improve technical team productivity and operations. 

The Mattermost developer collaboration platform now features enhanced capabilities to enable real-time collaboration for critical developer use cases such as operating incident response war rooms, providing documented processes and communication lines to technical teams during outages, and supporting agile, CI/CD, and DevOps release methodologies. 

“As organizations look to accelerate efficiency within their R&D teams, we believe open-source platforms like Mattermost will increasingly be preferred by developers and C-level executives alike as they enable the security, customization, and flexibility that the modern enterprise requires,” said Ian Tien, CEO and co-founder of Mattermost.

Mattermost 7.0 includes Calls, which offers a secure option for team communication to group conversations. Calls is a solution developed for public sector organizations, SecOps teams, and security professionals that require real-time “war rooms,” according to the company. 

Another feature is the Apps Framework which abstracts away the complexity of writing directly to the Mattermost API and enables engineers to quickly develop integrations or apps in any language that supports HTTP and then they can quickly deploy their creations with serverless hosting. 

Team workflow templates are designed to help orchestrate R&D team operations and processes and they can be customized and tailored to specific team operations.

Mattermost 7.0 also includes features designed to support team productivity, including Collapsed Reply Threads and Advanced Message Formatting.