SmartBear announced the release of Swagger Inspector today. The new solution is a free, cloud-based API testing and documentation tool. The tool is designed to simplify the validation of APIs and generate OpenAPI documentation.

“As APIs are increasingly playing a pivotal role in digital transformation, it becomes imperative to deliver quality, consumable APIs at a faster pace,” said Christian Wright, EVP and GM of API business at SmartBear. “We built Swagger Inspector to simplify the API development process by empowering developers to easily test and auto-generate their OpenAPI documentation with a single tool on the cloud.”

With the tool, developers can easily check APIs are working as intended without having to learn a complicated tool or add new components into existing code or processes. According to the company, Swagger Inspector was designed with no learning curve. Developers can check any API including REST, SOAP and Graph QL. In addition, Swagger Inspector enables developers to create OpenAPI documentation for any API, and host it on the design and documentation platform Swagger Hub.  

The OpenAPI Specification is a standard, programming language-agnostic interface designed for humans and computers to understand and interact with REST APIs without accessing the source code.

“Our company is trying to successfully position ourselves in the API economy by standardizing with the OpenAPI Specification,” said Matthieu Delmas, a web developer at microDon and a beta user of Swagger Inspector. “Swagger Inspector has become an important part of our API strategy, in that we can easily test and auto-generate the OpenAPI documentation for any of our APIs, all during the development process itself.”