Apigee, the API company, and Pivotal, a company accelerating digital transformation and modern application development for enterprises, today announced that the Microgateway capability in the Apigee Edge API management software is now supported by Pivotal Cloud Foundry. With this extension of the Apigee-Pivotal integration, developers can more easily leverage Apigee’s API management software to share, monitor and secure APIs and microservices for applications developed with Pivotal’s cloud native platform.

Apigee will be demonstrating the Apigee Edge Microgateway capability with Pivotal Cloud Foundry at the SpringOne Platform conference today in the session titled, “Publish, Secure, and Monitor APIs with Cloud Foundry Route Services,” presented by Apigee’s Ed Anuff and Carlos Eberhardt.

“Enterprises are struggling with the complexity of a microservices architecture. Hands down the most challenging aspect of managing microservices is the sheer scale of inter-microservices communication. The hub-and-spoke model of managing inter-services communication from legacy ESB vendors simply cannot scale,” said Ed Anuff, Apigee vice president of strategy.

“Developers need a common and consistent way for managing the communications between their cloud native platform workloads as microservices as well as sharing and reusing these more broadly in the form of published and managed APIs. We believe that this is a unique solution for building and managing APIs at cloud scale in a widely used enterprise cloud native platform,” Anuff continued.

The Apigee Edge Microgateway capability empowers businesses to optimize the performance, availability and capacity of their API systems by providing a hybrid cloud deployment option for the Apigee Edge API management platform. The Apigee Edge Microgateway architecture delivers security and key features such as spike arrest, quota, and analytics, but with a smaller footprint than the full Apigee Edge platform. It can also help simplify deployment, reduce latency, and improve the performance of API programs powered by Apigee Edge software.

While Pivotal Cloud Foundry already provides tools for developers to build and deploy APIs and microservices, the integration of the Apigee Edge Microgateway solution empowers them to more easily share and monitor these APIs and microservices. It does this by providing developers with uniform access control and traffic management, as well as automatically collecting the data surrounding the APIs and microservices and making it available in Apigee Edge. In addition to gaining more visibility into the health and security of APIs being exposed to the outside world, this latest enhancement to the Pivotal-Apigee integration also provides developers with insights into APIs being exposed to other apps within Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

“Apigee’s comprehensive approach to API management will have a huge impact on companies that transition to microservices,” said James Watters, senior vice president, Products at Pivotal. “Combining Apigee Microgateway with Pivotal’s cloud-native platform helps companies quickly deliver secure, maintainable microservices at cloud scale.”

The Apigee Edge Microgateway capability integrated with Pivotal Cloud Foundry is available today for Apigee-Pivotal joint customers. It will be more widely available later this year.