Data science solution provider DataScience Inc. has announced the release of DataScience Cloud, a new solution designed to extend data science teams. DataScience Cloud allows users to integrate a variety of data sources, browse and query data, build analyses, and deploy models throughout their organization.

“The DataScience Cloud is our answer to the struggles of data science teams everywhere,” wrote Ian Swanson, CEO of DataScience, in a blog post. “The DataScience Cloud allows any team—regardless of size, tech stack or level of engineering support—to truly perform data science at scale.”

It features DataScience Connect, Explore, Notebook and Deploy.

Mesosphere announces DC/OS 1.8
The latest version of Mesosphere’s DC/OS aims to help manage Big Data and container networks. DC/OS 1.8 features security and authentication capabilities such as container-level authorization, SSL-encrypted communication, service accounts, multiple authentication providers and security event logging.

In addition, the latest version comes with support for the Hadoop Distributed File System, cross-data-center replication, and partner technologies such as Confluent Platform, DataStax Enterprise and JFrog Artifactory.

The company also announced GitLab is now available on DC/OS in order to provide enterprise-grade code-hosting and Docker tools.

Twitter provides a new modular SDK for app developers
Twitter has announced its new modular SDK, MoPub, which can be customized by developers in order to only include the ad formats they want and need.

According to the company, MoPub minimizes the amount of space used, allowing developers to build more features and provide faster performance.

“From standard banner ads to mobile-first formats such as native ads, MoPub supports one of the most comprehensive sets of ad formats—but now you can pick and choose the ones you want to work with. Think you might want to try a new format later on? With MoPub, you have the freedom to update your formats at any time, without any commitment to the formats that you’ve previously chosen,” wrote Elena Elfimova, product marketing manager for MoPub at Twitter, in a blog post.