A majority of Web application developers have adopted HTML5 and plan to continue using it for at least the next year. The latest results from Sencha’s State of HTML5 Development in the Enterprise survey show that the Worldwide Web Consortium recommendation is firmly entrenched in development shops around the world.

“HTML5 is a thriving development technology solving hard problems for developers who are increasingly targeting a multi-device, multi-platform world,” said Michael Mullany, CEO of Sencha. “HTML5 developers have higher loyalty to their chosen technology than native mobile developers, and are focusing on that technology for their future work.”

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Of the 2,128 business application developers surveyed, more than 60% responded that they’ve already embraced HTML5 and hybrid development for their primary applications, and more than 70% stated they are working with HTML5 more than they were last year (and expect to keep using it in 2014). Only 4% of HTML5 developers reported that they plan to do less development with HTML5, and 19% of native mobile developers reported that they plan to do less native development.

According to the survey, the most popular HTML5 features include CSS3 styling, animations/transitions, local storage, the canvas drawing API, and HTML5 video.

Other significant findings from the survey:
• A majority of developers supported multi-device apps
• Developers preferred standards-based technologies like JavaScript
• 60% of respondents were not familiar with or had no interest in Google’s Dart
• Only 17% of respondents had a high interest in TypeScript
• 23% of respondents supported Windows Phone 8 apps, but only 15% tested their apps on the device

More information about the survey can be found here.