Task Planner in Infragistics Ultimate 21.1

The latest version of the Infragistics Ultimate UI/UX toolkit is now available with new Indigo.Design, Agular, React, Web Components, Windows Forms and WPF features. 

Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 is built off of three key themes: 

  • Enabling hyper-productivity and better collaboration between app development and design through its design-to-code platform Indigo.Design App Builder
  • New innovations and experiences with Angular, React, Web Components, ASP.NET Core
  • New enhancements in Windows Form and WPF 

“Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 ensures best-of-breed development on your desired platform,” said Jason Beres, senior vice president of developer tools at Infragistics. “It offers updates on the mainstay frameworks in Infragistics Ultimate, including Window Forms, WPF, .NET Core as well as the modern web frameworks in Blazor, Angular, React and Web Components and Indigo.Design, the new app builder that can radically accelerate your app design and development.” 

For hyper-productivity, the company updated its Indigo.Design App Builder design-to-code platform with a web-based IDE, new UI components, property editor panels, hierarchical views of master-pages and sub-pages, data sources options, and theme options. 

The toolkit has also been updated with the latest components and enhancements from Angular 12, such as the Angular Tree Component, date picker and Angular time picker; date time editor; design and theming; and Angular Grid interactions. 

For the modern web, the 21.1 release includes new features and enhancements to data grids, charts and components in Ignite UI for React, Blazor and Web Components. 

Desktop WPF and Windows Form updates include: new design-time support in Visual Studio 2019, chart updates and map updates. 

More information is available here