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Infragistics Announces App Builder Design Contest

Infragistics, a leading global provider of tools and solutions to accelerate design and development, has announced a new App Builder Design Contest where developers, designers and non-designers alike can unleash their creativity and win prizes. The competition provides participants with free access to the App Builder drag & drop tool, which allows designers and developers to collaborate in a single platform. It … continue reading

Infragistics introduces App Builder Design Contest

Infragistics, a provider of tools and solutions to accelerate designs and development, today announced a new App Builder Design Contest to encourage developers, designers and non-designers to use their creativity to win prizes. According to the company, the competition offers participants access to the App Builder drag & drop tool, allowing designers and developers to … continue reading

Infragistics Ultimate 22.2 launches with four new Blazor data grids

The design company Infragistics has announced the latest release of its UX and UI platform. Infragistics Ultimate 22.2 introduces a new set of Blazor data grids and high speed RAD development through the App Builder.  “Blazor is huge for .NET developers, and with Ultimate 22.2, our new Blazor grids exceed anything available on the market … continue reading

Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 released

Infragistics, the company that provides UI and UX solutions for enterprises, today announced that Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 is now available. This release is intended to improve, streamline, and modernize app building with added features, capabilities, and UI controls, better design and development processes, and a streamlined and interactive data visualization experience.  Among the new enhancements … continue reading

Infragistics launches on-prem version of App Builder

Infragistics, the UI and UX solutions company, today announced the launch of its cloud-based, drag and drop tool, App Builder, On-Prem. This edition can be used by both large scale designer-developer teams and developer-only enterprise teams. App Builder is included with the Ignite UI for Angular and Blazor web-based toolkits and works to eliminate the … continue reading

Slingshot aims to eliminate need for using multiple different tools with new all-inclusive collaboration platform

A new platform called Slingshot is launching today to give companies a single platform for collaborating on data analytics, projects, content, and chat.  Slingshot was built by the Infragistics Innovation Lab. It is available as a desktop app, mobile app, or can be accessed via any web browser.  According to Infragistics, as companies scrambled to … continue reading

Low-code changes the dynamics between design and development teams

Gartner predicts that by 2026, 80% of technology products will be created by people not categorized as technology professionals. The reasons for this have been discussed at length for some time now, and companies are now seeing the value in these tools as a way to accelerate development.  According to Jason Beres, SVP of developer … continue reading

Task Planner in Infragistics Ultimate 21.1

Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 zeros in on designer-developer collaboration

The latest version of the Infragistics Ultimate UI/UX toolkit is now available with new Indigo.Design, Agular, React, Web Components, Windows Forms and WPF features.  Infragistics Ultimate 21.1 is built off of three key themes:  Enabling hyper-productivity and better collaboration between app development and design through its design-to-code platform Indigo.Design App Builder New innovations and experiences … continue reading

Infragistics reveals new embedded business intelligence platform

Development tools provider Infragistics is announcing a new embedded business intelligence platform designed to give organization’s more insight into their data. Reveal is an embedded analytics/dashboard platform that aims to reduce the time and money spent on embedding business analytics into applications by letting developers use pre-built components. According to the company, Reveal can reduce … continue reading

Improving UX outcomes is a team sport

Most companies building software tout the great user experiences (UX) they provide, but enterprise users seldom agree. After all, everyday apps are intuitive but enterprise applications still tend to require conformance. With Infragistics Indigo.Design, enterprise designers and developers can cooperatively deliver the kinds of UX outcomes their customers expect. Part of the problem is the … continue reading

SD Times news digest: SnapLogic’s new capabilities, NodeSource updates, and Infragistics Community Sponsorship Program

SnapLogic has announced new DevOps and automation capabilities, such as integration with GitHub and support for Mesosphere for automating elements of CI/CD. Updates are being made to its Enterprise Integration Cloud solution as well as its Iris AI technologies. According to the company, the new capabilities will enable customers to streamline and accelerate the software … continue reading

Web development tools, frameworks evolve quickly

Changes in technology have led to changes in how web applications are created. And that has caused some consternation among web developers. A decade ago, the development choice was to use .NET or Java, which meant WPF or ASP.NET for Microsoft developers. Java has been a bread-and-butter language for a long time, so that’s a … continue reading Protection Status